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DD-8 Floor Standing Speakers

In the spring 2018 semester at Michigan Tech, I was tasked with designing and building my own loudspeakers. The design goals of the speakers were a pleasurable listening experience, good low frequency extension, aesthetically pleasing, and a simple build. The result is the DD-8 Floor Standing Hi-Fi Speakers. They feature drivers from Dayton Audio and SB Acoustics, MiniDSP PWR-ICE125s, a Maple Front-face, and a false bottom to house the MiniDSP plate amplifier. 

The have an F3 of around 45Hz, with a frequency response of +/- 2dB from 60Hz-20kHz. 

Don Karenan 50th Jazz Concert Recording

I was the Recording Engineer for the 50th Anniversary Don Karenan Jazz Concert at Michigan Technological University. This title included Choosing mics and mic positions, Planning out and implementing routing both in and out of the studio, live mixing the concert for the live stream, and recording, mixing, and mastering the tracks themselves. The concert itself was challenging, in that 3 seperate MTU jazz bands were playing at the same concert, one of which was a massive Alumni band, that required over 40 mics to cover.


The video to the right loosely describes some of the challenges I faced and different tools I used to make it happen. Below are finished mastered tracks of the different bands that performed at the concert. 

50th Alumni

Cold Duck Time - 50th Alumni Band
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R&D Jazz Band

Count Bubba - R&D Band
00:00 / 00:00

MTU Jazz Lab

Darkest Night - MTU Jazz Lab Band
00:00 / 00:00
Red Clay - 50th Alumni Band
00:00 / 00:00
Groovin' Hard - R&D Band
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Emily - MTU Jazz Lab Band
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We Should Be Laughing Recording Project

Fake It - Devin Deal & We Should Be Laughing
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I was the Recording Engineer and Composer for project where I recorded the band We Should Be Laughing. I had to make mic choice decisions, schedule studio time, and direct the musicians. I recorded the song in 3 separate recording sessions; drums, guitar and bass, vocal. Recording in 3 separate sessions made it difficult for the musicians to play exactly in sync together, which meant a lot of work after the fact fine tuning the mix. 

We Should Be Laughing is:

Sam Balk: Drums

Mike Maple: Guitar & Vocal

Maya Ablao: Bass

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